My Blog is a Fog

school girl
So, today is the BIG day! I am writing my first entry into my newfound blog. It reminds of being in 3rd grade, in Mrs. Newmanns class. I’m the new kid. You know, the one who is sitting in the back in a homemade dress and ponytail. The one everyone is starring at. The one that nobody is talking to. In a bit of fluster, I am wondering about that peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in my lunchbag, even though I am not hungry..and really do not like peanut butter. My teacher mentions something about pulling out history books, and opening them to page 193, or was it 83? My mind is in its own world as I start to hear Charlie Brown’s teacher, Mrs Donovan say…”whawahha wahhh wah wahhh whaah.” Good Lord.


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