Categories, Posts and Pages -OH MY!

While on this yellow brick road, I have had to stop numerous times and ask for directions. Thank you Google for directing me to many other blogs, and the numerous tutorials I have watched. I wish I could say I know it all by now, but that kind of thinking is a laughable ploy meant to boost my own self esteem. A couple of nights ago I must have spent 200 hours on the computer. Yes 200. (well, at least it felt like it) simply trying to answer one question. “How to post on each page. First let me explain that a “post” is when your message attaches to a page in a chronological scroll type fashion. Now to clarify, a page is actually what I initially thought was a category. Pages are in fact the headings across the top of your website. At least this is the case with the platform. So, in that wee little naive mind of mine, I really wanted, or simply expected to have the ability to post on each one of my pages. My eyes were starting to cross like the letter x, and my brain was feeling like mushy mashed postatoes. You get the picture. Well, somewhere along the way I came across the answer to this. Drum roll please….and the answer is, you can’t post on every page. I think I pouted for like 10 seconds while it processed, and then was met with unbelievable relief that I finally conquered that question. What you can do, is pick the page that you want to be your posting page, since by default your posting page is your homepage or front page. Luckily this can be easily changed. To change which page you would like to become your posting page, you go to appearance in your dashboard, then writing, then posting default to select the page you would like for posting. All other pages through this platform are stagnant. Now, I am going to admit that I am still unclear about categories. So, it looks like I will have to put my ruby-red slippers back on and go find the wizard.

ruby shoes night


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