Spring Forward!

The only way I can ever remember which direction the clock is changed for daylight savings time is by that little phrase “Springdaylight savings clock Forward and Fall backward.”  If you haven’t heard or used it before, try it!

Do you ever wonder WHY we have daylight savings time?   Well, daylight savings is primarily observed in an effort to save energy.  During World War I the United States introduced daylight savings time for energy conservation during the war, and to enable people to take advantage of the longer daylight hours that were in the evening.

In the US states are able to select whether they want to participate in daylight savings time or not.  Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that have chosen not to participate.  One of the last states to join the bandwagon in observing daylight savings time was Indiana, which hopped on board in April 2006.

The benefits of changing our clocks for daylight savings has been disputed.  Some say that while we may save some energy by using less artificial light, but that we make up that difference in additional use in air conditioning cost.  So, just maybe it is a wash.

For me, I look at daylight savings time as a subtle welcoming to Spring.  It says goodbye to Jack Frost and Father Snow.  It means soon we will be outside as late as 7 or 8pm firing up that barbeque grill, swimming and enjoying the summer months.  I love it!


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