My Baby is 15 Today!


Well, my little baby boy, Adam, has a Birthday today.  He is officially 15 years old! (Gulp).  I have no idea where the time went…but it definitely just flew on by.  Although I feel somewhat sentimental about it, there is also a big part of me that truly is not sure if I should laugh (and clap ecstatically) or cry.  For those of you who have teenagers, I am sure you know where I am coming from.  🙂

In honor of Adam’s Birthday, I would like to tell everyone in the web-universe a few things that a proud mom would love to brag about!  First, Adam is a very talented athlete.  He has played on select soccer teams for many years, and now plays high school football as a running back.  He also enjoys track and field and last year competed in his state track competition.

On top of being a talented athlete, he is also a honor student, typically making straight A’s nearly every year.  He is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has lots of friends, and is simply a nice polite young man.

Adam would definitely be so embarrassed if he knew I was writing this on my blog.  However, I thought about it and then figured “hey…that’s what moms are for.”

So, a very big Happy Birthday to my favorite young man, Adam.  I love you and I am so proud of you!


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