kb-farmers-333x500If you think walking is for sissy’s…up your game with a good old fashion Farmer’s Walk!

While the Farmer’s Walk has probably been around just as long as farmers have, it has been only recently that I put some focus into this method of physical training.

The Farmer’s Walk, also known as the Farmer’s Carry, is something you may have seen or heard of in strongman competitions.  The thing is, people who participate in the strongman competitions are carrying weights of around 200-300 pounds in each hand!

If you are bulging with muscles, as strong as an ox, and can handle this level of weight, then I applaud you…and I want you to send me some pictures!  However, if you are unable to lift that kind of weight, don’t be discouraged!  You don’t have to lift near that amount of weight to get a great workout.

The whole idea of the Farmer’s Walk is to simply lift the heaviest weight that you can reasonably handle and walk with it.  This idea is pretty straight forward.  This workout is considered the ultimate walking workout because you work nearly all your muscles at the same time, making just one workout very productive!

See my article, The Farmer’s Walk-The Ultimate Walking Challenge to find more out about the benefits of this exercise routine, and all of the muscles you will fire up in the process!


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