Another Freakin’ Sinkhole!

I have been absolutely fascinated and flabbergasted by the sinkhole phenomenon happening in random parts of the US and abroad. The latest unbelievable occurrence was miraculously caught on camera Wednesday August 22, 2013 live (while it was actually happening) in Assumption Parish, Louisiana!  This sinkhole has been actively developing for over a year, and this video shows what the folks on the Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou are dealing with.  When I first saw this video, I simply could not believe my eyeballs!  I even thought it was a hoax at first…but it’s not.  Call me a chicken or call me a wuss…but this kind of stuff gives me anxiety!




Trouble apparently began in the spring of 2012, when residents  living in the area noticed that the Grand Bayou had some bizarre bubbling going on for several weeks, along with the smell of diesel fuel and sulfur.  The bubbles began to intensify when all of a suddenon August 3, 2012 a sinkhole emerged, more than 300 feet wide and 50 feet deep…with the exception of one particular area in a corner of the sinkhole that plunged over 400 feet deep.  Many 100-foot-tall cypress trees have fallen victim to the massive sinkhole which had devoured them in mere seconds.  Since this time last year, that sinkhole has continued to be more than an active nuisance.  Currently the sinkhole has grown covering 24 acres, and 750 feet deep.  Some residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as more and more land continues to be engulfed by this underground crater.

It is widely believed  that this sinkhole developed due to a breach in the mining of a salt dome underground.  The company being held responsible for the incident is Texas Brine, which is now being sued by  the state of Louisiana for environmental damages.  The problem for Assumption Parish residents is far from over, as the day-to-day uncertainty of events continues to unfold in an unpredictable way.




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