Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Check out the latest viral video people are talking about!  Unsuspecting customers in a NYC coffee shop get a little more than a latte and a bagel, as movie producers succeed in finding a creative way to garner attention for an upcoming movie release of Carrie.  I’m pretty sure I would have fallen for it too.  Oh gullible me…


Children Running Our Government?

Okay.  Here we are once again, watching in utter disbelief as our government politicians /cronies, crooks, and self-absorbed pinheads throw the American people under the bus.  One of the main duties of our congress is to pass spending bills which in turn fund our government.  However, the big plan this time around is the GOP’s insistence in tying a derailment of  the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to any spending bill.  OMG people.  Get a life.  We have been down this road before.  The Supreme Court upheld  the legitimacy of the ACA, and it is the law of  the land!  Do we seriously need to shut down the government over it?   Continue reading “Children Running Our Government?”