Children Running Our Government?

Okay.  Here we are once again, watching in utter disbelief as our government politicians /cronies, crooks, and self-absorbed pinheads throw the American people under the bus.  One of the main duties of our congress is to pass spending bills which in turn fund our government.  However, the big plan this time around is the GOP’s insistence in tying a derailment of  the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to any spending bill.  OMG people.  Get a life.  We have been down this road before.  The Supreme Court upheld  the legitimacy of the ACA, and it is the law of  the land!  Do we seriously need to shut down the government over it?  

Let us keep in mind that we are barely out of a recession.  Many Americans have already suffered.  Is our congress so stupid as to purposely inflict harm on the very people who elected them?  Are WE so stupid as to keep electing these bully’s that could care less about who their actions hurt?  These childish tantrums need to stop.

I can’ t even begin to tell you how many of my neighbors (who are government employees) are now furloughed.  Sure…they will probably get paid (eventually).  Maybe,…hopefully.  Oh wait!  They can just use this furlough as a “paid vacation”…provided their emergency fund is big enough to handle the unknown number of days  they will be off work.  They also need to make sure that their little forced holiday doesn’t include plans to go to any national zoos, parks or museums.  Yes, they are closed.  800,000 + government employees (that are considered non-essential) could find themselves in a food line because our politicians can’t play nice.  I wonder what  the trickle-down effect will be?  What’s next?  Who’s next?

Oh,  that’s right…next is the October 17th debt ceiling deliberation.  I am going to try to NOT  think about it…yet.



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