I came across a story about a missing dog not long ago that has completely touched my heart.  Maddox the Miniature Pinscher has  been missing since Christmas Eve 2012.  Lost near Oklahoma City, a city that his family was only visiting during the holidays. See, Maddox and his family are from California.  While in Oklahoma Maddox was left in the care of a pet-sitter while his family planned a quick excursion to Dallas.  No sooner than arriving in Dallas…Maddox’s momma, Jackie, got a devastating call that her sweet baby Maddox had gotten out, and was missing in an unfamiliar city!

The determination of Jackie to find her baby Maddox has been unwavering!  Posters, postcards mailed, robo-calls, door-to-door knocking, billboards, websites, fundraising and more is still going on to find Maddox the missing Min Pin!  Anyone who has a heart will appreciate this unshakable love story between a momma and her beloved furry companion.  YOU can help right now by spreading the word about Maddox!  You don’t have to live in Oklahoma!  Someone out there may have a friend-of- a friend that could be the missing link to finding this precious boy!  For all of us out there, that think of our pets as family members, or even as our “children”…think about it…how far would you go for the love of your life? Your Best friend??  The center of your world???  PLEASE…please share…please visit and share his page with everyone you know.  Help find Maddox!

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