Get Kissed! 10 Practical Valentine Gift Ideas She Wants!

As much as I LOVE getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, I always tend to feel guilty about the lack of practicality in such a gift.  Flowers make me feel very spoiled, and as much as I love getting them, there are lots of practical gifts that I would enjoy just as much!  Here are some gift ideas for even that picky girl on your list.

1).  SCARVES, GLOVES & HAT scarf

I don’ t know you, but here in the midwest it has been super cold!  If you are in a cold climate, this is a fantastic gift.  Two key things to amp this gift up a notch would be color and super softness.  Since it is for Valentine’s Day let’s go for red or pink…or her favorite color!


yogastuffAwww…the gift of relaxation.  Cheaper than taking classes at a gym, AND she will be able to practice  the “bow” and “plough” in private.  🙂  Yoga is fantastic for stress relief, body awareness, toning , better sleep and more!  If you are feeling spunky you can join in and learn the poses with her.


 Candles are simply awesome.  I love watching them flicker under dim light and I really like a light soothing scent.  Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils that have therapeutic properties to relieve stress and they positively affect brain chemistry and hormone production.  An excellent choice for relaxation would be lavender or eucalyptus and candlespearmint .  Look for soy based candles since they will burn cleaner (no petrol-carbon soot), they are biodegradable, and purchasing soy based candles will help with the economic growth of the soybean farmer.  Continue reading “Get Kissed! 10 Practical Valentine Gift Ideas She Wants!”


What Does Your Valentine Gift Say About Your Relationship?

Can you believe it…!?!  Valentine’s day is less  than one week away.  I realize there is a lot of pressure on a man for this one particular holiday…after all, this is the day for lovers –who are supposed to romanticize or express their love in some endearing way.  Grandeur is not necessary, however failure to make an effort to conform to societal norms can be disatorous…so heed the warning!

Most women will likely remember the worst valentine gift they received.  I do.  I was in a torrid relationship with the man of my dreams, who literally changed from a prince into a toad right before my eyes!  Part of my disappointment surely had to do with an extreme lack of sentimental balance.  I baked a heart-shaped cake, decorated with balloons, wrote poetry, created a scavenger hunt…you know..all those crazy-in-love, goo-goo ga-ga things we girls sometimes do to show our love! Continue reading “What Does Your Valentine Gift Say About Your Relationship?”