What Does Your Valentine Gift Say About Your Relationship?

Can you believe it…!?!  Valentine’s day is less  than one week away.  I realize there is a lot of pressure on a man for this one particular holiday…after all, this is the day for lovers –who are supposed to romanticize or express their love in some endearing way.  Grandeur is not necessary, however failure to make an effort to conform to societal norms can be disatorous…so heed the warning!

Most women will likely remember the worst valentine gift they received.  I do.  I was in a torrid relationship with the man of my dreams, who literally changed from a prince into a toad right before my eyes!  Part of my disappointment surely had to do with an extreme lack of sentimental balance.  I baked a heart-shaped cake, decorated with balloons, wrote poetry, created a scavenger hunt…you know..all those crazy-in-love, goo-goo ga-ga things we girls sometimes do to show our love!

My sweetheart [babycakes, honey buns] initially came home empty-handed..then suddenly remembered he did in fact have something for me…!  He disappeared while retrieving my special gift.  As he walked proudly through  the door with one hand behind his back…[I am all smiles, because I can hardly wait]… he then  hands me a single, fake, dilapidated rose that looked like it had been stored in the bottom of a gym bag.  Uh Oh…

Needless  to say my whole entire romantic world collapsed around me.  In the blink of an eye, my Fabio, god of deadroseromance was replaced by a heartless tin man, and I became a fire-breathing dragon!  Yes, one artificial ramshackled rose became the poster child of the worst gift idea ever, and the catalyst of relationship failure.  I have never really thought about the symbolism until now…(fake and dilapidated flower) in some way must have mirrored the status of our relationship. To this very day I hate fake flowers and I feel I may have been scarred for life.  Sound melodramatic?  Well, maybe…but show me a girl who isn’t.

So to all the guys out there thinking about skipping this [lame and possibly over-rated] love fest of a day…don’t do it! Save yourself the backlash and possible night on the couch.  You do not have to spend a gazillion dollars, write and rosessing her a song, nor spend months planning.  Something small and simple  that reflects her personality will surely put a smile on her face.  Of course, her favorite flowers in her favorite color are always an option…as long as they are fresh -and real!


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