Get Kissed! 10 Practical Valentine Gift Ideas She Wants!

As much as I LOVE getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, I always tend to feel guilty about the lack of practicality in such a gift.  Flowers make me feel very spoiled, and as much as I love getting them, there are lots of practical gifts that I would enjoy just as much!  Here are some gift ideas for even that picky girl on your list.

1).  SCARVES, GLOVES & HAT scarf

I don’ t know you, but here in the midwest it has been super cold!  If you are in a cold climate, this is a fantastic gift.  Two key things to amp this gift up a notch would be color and super softness.  Since it is for Valentine’s Day let’s go for red or pink…or her favorite color!


yogastuffAwww…the gift of relaxation.  Cheaper than taking classes at a gym, AND she will be able to practice  the “bow” and “plough” in private.  🙂  Yoga is fantastic for stress relief, body awareness, toning , better sleep and more!  If you are feeling spunky you can join in and learn the poses with her.


 Candles are simply awesome.  I love watching them flicker under dim light and I really like a light soothing scent.  Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils that have therapeutic properties to relieve stress and they positively affect brain chemistry and hormone production.  An excellent choice for relaxation would be lavender or eucalyptus and candlespearmint .  Look for soy based candles since they will burn cleaner (no petrol-carbon soot), they are biodegradable, and purchasing soy based candles will help with the economic growth of the soybean farmer. 


Just about everyone I know drinks coffee, tea and/or hot chocolate from a plain-jane ordinary mug.  How about digging  through some of those cool photos saved on your phone (of the two of you) and pick a favorite to upload for a sweet, unexpected mug upgrade!  Many places will create this for you quickly, and I know some Walgreens locations can even do it in one day!!!  So no excuses…you can get her such a fun photo mugpersonalized gift (for very little $) super fast!


herbgardenIf your sweetheart likes to cook, she will really appreciate having fresh herbs at her fingertips!  All you need is a few pots and seeds along with a sunny window and she can be well on her way to having her very own fresh herb garden.  You can also opt to buy a complete kit (some of which even have lighting attached)!  I actually saw a 5 herb complete garden kit at Wal-Mart for under $20!!!  I do not have this yet, and I want one ASAP!  🙂


Along with that herb garden she is going to need a hand chopper!  I am recommending the one by Pampered Chef chopper(and no, I am not a distributor).  Hand choppers are a real time-saver for anyone who cooks regularly.  I have a “chop day”, where I like to chop large quantities of onions and peppers and freeze them.  Chop day is really not my idea of fun, but once I have it done, it does help to cut my cooking  preparation time in half during the week!  Using a hand chopper is so much better than then that good ole fashioned knife.  This is a very practical gift..and she is going to kiss you for it!


I take my sleep very seriously, and super soft and lofty pillows are so appreciated!  When is the last time you bought some new ones?!  Please…don’t answer that.  I know most people hold on to the same pillow foreeeever!  So if it has been a while, maybe some fresh new pillows are in order.  There are so many different types, (firm, soft, feather, foam) so just be sure you know what her preference is.  If you have no idea what type pillow she would really want, take her pillow shopping! coupon


massageReally…almost every girl would love a massage and a mani-pedi. One or the other, or both!  A spa treatment is simply a great way to allow her to be completely pampered and feel rejuvenated.  Now if you are very talented in this department you could take this on yourself.  A glass of wine, bubble bath and a massage will definitely do the trick.


I was actually given one of these baskets recently, and it was truly one of my favorite gifts.  Just fill up a basket withMOVIE BASKET all her very favorite snacks and pick out a few of her all time favorite movies (they do not have to be new releases at all).  I am not even a huge movie watcher…but since my basket had some of my very favorites in there, as well as my indulgent weaknesses to snack on, I was very touched by the thought put into it!


If you can read and follow instructions you can do this!!  It just takes a little bit of planning to create a special meal for the two of you.  A great site for recipe ideas is  You will find recipes galore with user reviews on this site.  If you do not cook very often, you will score big brownie points just for your effort…trust me!  dinnerA couple of candles or some dim lighting…some mood music…she will be very receptive to this!

Valentine’s Day is just one little day in the year, where you can stop and take a moment to show one another how much you love them by treating each other special.  It does not need to be expensive…just well thought out and with a personal touch!  


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