Friday Night Light’s

I absolutely loooove this time of year!  Nippy nights and High School football.  Come back and check the scoreboard!

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!!

Tradition holds that Saint Patrick used shamrocks to teach the Trinity. So, give it a bit o’ thought before ye slap a lucky four-leaf clover on yer plastic leprechaun hat! paddy

Speaking of tradition…Chicago has been honoring Saint Patrick’s Day by turing it’s river green for about 50 years!  Check it out!  

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!  


Get Kissed! 10 Practical Valentine Gift Ideas She Wants!

As much as I LOVE getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, I always tend to feel guilty about the lack of practicality in such a gift.  Flowers make me feel very spoiled, and as much as I love getting them, there are lots of practical gifts that I would enjoy just as much!  Here are some gift ideas for even that picky girl on your list.

1).  SCARVES, GLOVES & HAT scarf

I don’ t know you, but here in the midwest it has been super cold!  If you are in a cold climate, this is a fantastic gift.  Two key things to amp this gift up a notch would be color and super softness.  Since it is for Valentine’s Day let’s go for red or pink…or her favorite color!


yogastuffAwww…the gift of relaxation.  Cheaper than taking classes at a gym, AND she will be able to practice  the “bow” and “plough” in private.  🙂  Yoga is fantastic for stress relief, body awareness, toning , better sleep and more!  If you are feeling spunky you can join in and learn the poses with her.


 Candles are simply awesome.  I love watching them flicker under dim light and I really like a light soothing scent.  Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils that have therapeutic properties to relieve stress and they positively affect brain chemistry and hormone production.  An excellent choice for relaxation would be lavender or eucalyptus and candlespearmint .  Look for soy based candles since they will burn cleaner (no petrol-carbon soot), they are biodegradable, and purchasing soy based candles will help with the economic growth of the soybean farmer.  Continue reading

What Does Your Valentine Gift Say About Your Relationship?

Can you believe it…!?!  Valentine’s day is less  than one week away.  I realize there is a lot of pressure on a man for this one particular holiday…after all, this is the day for lovers –who are supposed to romanticize or express their love in some endearing way.  Grandeur is not necessary, however failure to make an effort to conform to societal norms can be disatorous…so heed the warning!

Most women will likely remember the worst valentine gift they received.  I do.  I was in a torrid relationship with the man of my dreams, who literally changed from a prince into a toad right before my eyes!  Part of my disappointment surely had to do with an extreme lack of sentimental balance.  I baked a heart-shaped cake, decorated with balloons, wrote poetry, created a scavenger hunt…you know..all those crazy-in-love, goo-goo ga-ga things we girls sometimes do to show our love! Continue reading


I came across a story about a missing dog not long ago that has completely touched my heart.  Maddox the Miniature Pinscher has  been missing since Christmas Eve 2012.  Lost near Oklahoma City, a city that his family was only visiting during the holidays. See, Maddox and his family are from California.  While in Oklahoma Maddox was left in the care of a pet-sitter while his family planned a quick excursion to Dallas.  No sooner than arriving in Dallas…Maddox’s momma, Jackie, got a devastating call that her sweet baby Maddox had gotten out, and was missing in an unfamiliar city!

The determination of Jackie to find her baby Maddox has been unwavering!  Posters, postcards mailed, robo-calls, door-to-door knocking, billboards, websites, fundraising and more is still going on to find Maddox the missing Min Pin!  Anyone who has a heart will appreciate this unshakable love story between a momma and her beloved furry companion.  YOU can help right now by spreading the word about Maddox!  You don’t have to live in Oklahoma!  Someone out there may have a friend-of- a friend that could be the missing link to finding this precious boy!  For all of us out there, that think of our pets as family members, or even as our “children”…think about it…how far would you go for the love of your life? Your Best friend??  The center of your world???  PLEASE…please share…please visit and share his page with everyone you know.  Help find Maddox!

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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Check out the latest viral video people are talking about!  Unsuspecting customers in a NYC coffee shop get a little more than a latte and a bagel, as movie producers succeed in finding a creative way to garner attention for an upcoming movie release of Carrie.  I’m pretty sure I would have fallen for it too.  Oh gullible me…

Children Running Our Government?

Okay.  Here we are once again, watching in utter disbelief as our government politicians /cronies, crooks, and self-absorbed pinheads throw the American people under the bus.  One of the main duties of our congress is to pass spending bills which in turn fund our government.  However, the big plan this time around is the GOP’s insistence in tying a derailment of  the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to any spending bill.  OMG people.  Get a life.  We have been down this road before.  The Supreme Court upheld  the legitimacy of the ACA, and it is the law of  the land!  Do we seriously need to shut down the government over it?   Continue reading

Another Freakin’ Sinkhole!

I have been absolutely fascinated and flabbergasted by the sinkhole phenomenon happening in random parts of the US and abroad. The latest unbelievable occurrence was miraculously caught on camera Wednesday August 22, 2013 live (while it was actually happening) in Assumption Parish, Louisiana!  This sinkhole has been actively developing for over a year, and this video shows what the folks on the Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou are dealing with.  When I first saw this video, I simply could not believe my eyeballs!  I even thought it was a hoax at first…but it’s not.  Call me a chicken or call me a wuss…but this kind of stuff gives me anxiety!



Continue reading

Pitch Perfect -review

For those of you (like me) who aren’t theater rats and tend to wait until stuff comes out on dvd…you may have seen this movie by now, but if not, definitely put it on your list to see! 

Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy about groups of college a capella students who compete for a national title.  This movie is definitely light hearted, filled with wise-cracking humor, sexual innuendo and a storyline that held my attention (which is no small task).  The fact that the singing is a capella, (no instruments) it makes for impressive listening.  My favorite character is Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson, who also starred in Bridesmaids) -she is hilarious!   I have watched this movie at least 10 times and find it very funny and easy to watch.  I think I will rate this movie a 4 (out of 5).  So if you are looking for a good movie to watch, check it out!



Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

It seems that no matter where you live, there are a variety of storms prevalent in the various areas that we spend most of our daily living.  Whether you live in tornado alley, coastal areas that are threatened by hurricanes, places with ice and snow storms, instances of forest and house fires, or even if your car breaks down in the boonies, you need an emergency kit!   emergency kit

Having an emergency kit that is packed and ready to go in case of an emergency or sudden evacuation is something we all should have on hand and ready to grab on short notice.  Many of us realize how important planning for an emergency is, but sometimes we put ‘the planning part’  on the back burner hoping “it won’t happen to me.”

Why not give yourself a little bit of peace of mind by taking charge in advance of an emergency, by packing a kit that is ready to grab quickly if the need arises to make a quick departure.  You can make a kit for each member of your family and store them in a closet for easy access.  Here are some helpful tips to consider when making emergency kits for your family. Continue reading