Easy Halloween Door Decor

Here is a quick and easy Halloween door you can make with only a few supplies in 30 minutes or less!!!


  • One black trash bag
  • 2 paper plates
  • Construction paper (1 sheet each – black, green, red)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick

1).  Start by cutting your black trash bag along one side and bottom to make a door1one-piece sheet.  Drape long edge on top of door and secure top with tape. Once secure, trim sides even with door and make bangs by cutting jagged edges to resemble “hair.”


door22).  Making the eyes.  Cut curved rims off of your paper plates using the flat part of the plates for the eyes.  Using one of your white circles for a reference of size, cut one green circle.  Cut green circle in half to make eyelids.  For the black part of the eyes, find something to trace (such as a small coffee can) onto the black paper.  Cut out.  Using your glue stick, glue black circles onto white circles.  Next, glue green eyelids (see photo for reference).

3).  Shape mouth and nose as desired.  Make a “scar” using four strips from black remnant.  Attach to door with tape hidden on backsides of construction.

There you have it!!!  An easy peasy Halloween door in no time!  door3










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