Easy Milk Jug Monster Dish

Here is a super easy, and visually self explanatory craft dish for you and the kids to make in about an hour or so.


  • Milk Jug (empty, clean and dry)
  • Spray Paint (fast drying)
  • Liquid paint (I used puffy paint)monsterdish2
  • Small paint brush
  • Plastic eyes (optional)
  • Feathers, yarn or something for hair
  • Glitter or any ornamental items (optional)
  • Old box (to use for spray painting)
  • Hot glue gun

Cut a nice big ‘mouth’ on the opposite side of your milk jug handle.  Save your plastic pieces to make some teeth, wings and feet.  Put your milk jug in a box and spray paint it your desired color (I chose black…but purple or orange would be very cute).  While you are waiting for your jug to dry, cut out your teeth, wings and feet.  Use your liquid paint for your monster teeth and feet.  Allow them to dry.  You can paint your wings, or glue glitter or other ornaments on them.  Allow to dry.

Once your milk jug is completely dry, hot glue the eyes on (or you can paint eyes if you wish).  Hot glue feathers for hair to cover the milk jug spout.  Hot glue the teeth and wings.  Now all you need is a couple of bags of candy to put in your monster’s mouth and your set!



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