How to Make a Milk Jug Skeleton!

A couple of years ago, I saw the coolest craft idea ever!  It was hanging in some neighborhood, gently blowing in the wind.  I had to do a double-take…cuz it was just that cool!  Oh Wait!  ‘What was it…you ask’?… Well, it was none other than a skeleton made solely from milk jugs (and a few connecting supplies).  So…I said to myself…”Self, you are gonna make one of those one day…” and so the day arrived and Mr. Milkey, the skeleton, is proudly catching a breeze in the front of my home.


Here is what you will need to make your very own skeleton!

  • 7-8 Milk jug (rinsed well and dried)
  • fishing line (or string)
  • exacto knife (highly recommended)
  • scissors
  • hole punch (optional)
  • hot glue gun (optional)
  • felt tip pen

First, you want to begin by cutting out all of your parts.  Below you will see a general diagram of how to mark your milk jugs and your cutting lines.  It is helpful to draw your lines prior to cutting them out.

Draw your skeleton’s face on one of your milk jugs.  Make sure your handle is in the back.  You can use the handle for either your shoulder or hands and feet.  Use your exacto knife (or scissors) to cut out the face.  If you do not have an exacto knife, you can get one for a few dollars at your local discount store.  You can use scissors, however, I found I was able to get a much more precise cut with an exacto knife (haha…hense the name…’Exacto’…) 🙂



For the shoulders cut 2 handles as follows.  I made my shoulders a bit more narrow.  so as you are fitting your pieces together, you can determine if you need to take more off or not.


You will need 4 handles to cut out the hands and feet.  Wow!  I found the hands and feet to be the most difficult part…lol.  Be patient…it will work out just fine.


Hips can be done in a couple of different ways.  I used the bottom portion of my milk jug to make a pelvis.   Cut out and save the top of the spouts to make a spinal column. (see finished photo for clarity).  You can look up other skeleton images for hip ideas.  I simply chose the one I personally liked the best.


Draw and cut out your rib cage pattern.



You will need 8 bones (4 for the arms, and 4 for the legs).  On some of the bones, I cut the middle out…that is completely optional.


Cut out 2 round circles for knee joints.  You can use the circles that you cut out for the eyes for this!




Gather your skeleton parts.  You can use a hole punch, (or I just poked holes with my exacto knife) to connect parts.  Start by connecting the head to the center of the rib cage.  I poked a hole on each side of the spout, lined it up to the center of rib cage…poked holes in rib cage.  Use your fishing line (or string) to attach.  Since I used fishing line, I also used a bead of hot glue on each finished knot to ensure it would stay put.  For the spinal column, hot glue one spout (disc) to the pelvis.  You can then hot glue two spouts together to use as a suspended portion of spine (see finished photo).  Attach all parts with fishing line or string.

Voila!  You have a fantastic Halloween decoration from recycled milk jugs that will last for years to come!

*tip if you want to get rid of the date stamps on your milk jugs, try fingernail polish remover!

*tip you can cut out a small heart and glue or suspend inside ribcage.  I think it would look great painted red…however,      mine is plain since I was out of red paint.




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