How to Make Milk Jug Luminaries

The Halloween season is upon us, and I have a very simple craft project for you that will make your trick-or-treater’s smile, and all the mom’s do a double take!


  • Empty milk jugs (clean and dry)  I suggest 8-10, but this will vary based on the size of the luminaries1landscape you wish to illuminate.
  • Permanent black marker
  • Yard stakes (one for each lantern)
  • Outdoor mini lights



1).  With your milk jug upside down, draw a face on each individual milk jug with your permanent marker.  (Hint:  Different expressions on each milk jug look fantastic and add interest).



2).  Space stakes a few feet apart in the landscape you plan to illuminate.




3).  Place a milk jug luminary on each stake.  You  can use any kind of rod or dowel.  However, a thicker rod will give added stability.  I ended up using some old shoe molding I found in my garage.luminaries4

4).  String mini lights across your landscape path, stuffing several light into neck of milk jug as you go.  Voila!  luminaries5





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