My Cat is Driving Me Bonkers!

I have a cat who is about 10 years old named Peaches.  He is a male, and I admit “Peaches” is kind of a feminine name.  I got him when he was just a kitten from a friend.  I don’t know what it is, but I have always had a hard time being able to figure out the sex of a kitten.

Anyhoo…it wasn’t until he was about six months old and at his appointment to get spayed did I find out that he would instead have to be neutered!  Talk about embarrassing.  Not for me, but for my male cat having such a girly name.  I tried to somehow make his name sound a bit more masculine by shortening it in tone to “Peach.”  Yeah.  It just didn’t stick, and eventually it didn’t matter so he is still Peaches, or Peachy when he is being real cute.

So, for years Peaches has been the perfect cat.  Aside from the occasional hairball, which for some reason I always find on my new couch, he is extremely low maintenance.  I worked around the hairball issue and purchased covers for my furniture, so other than that he has been overall as mellow as an old man in a recliner.

But…and I’m sure you knew there was a but coming…lately this hairy little boy cries constantly for food.  I have tried to change his feeding schedule to like 5 smaller feeding per day.  This literally drove me nuts because I felt like he was eating constantly.  Probably because he was.

Even with increasing his feeding schedule, he still cried for food between feedings.  For all of you that have kids…you know when your kiddies are trying to get your attention…”mommy, mom, mooooommm, mama, mommy, ma, ma, mommm…” until you just can’t take it anymore and you are like “WHAT?!”  Well, that’s how it has been lately!

Since increasing his feeding schedule had basically not solved anything (in fact it probably made it worse), I am back to feeding him twice per day.  I seriously thought about just putting the 8 lb bag of cat food on the floor, tearing a hole in the side and letting him eat until he explodes.  I didn’t, but I really thought about it.

photo (3)

                                                             Peaches- Bawling for food.  Ugg!


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