Jodi Arias Trial Resumes!


Jodi Arais is getting ready to take the stand for the 18th day in her own self-defense for the 2008 murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander!  If you are not familiar with this case Continue reading “Jodi Arias Trial Resumes!”


Judge Throws Out Ban on Sugary Drinks!

One day before a ban on sugary drinks was to take effect in New York City, a State Supreme Court Justice, Milton Tingling ruledBlended-Iced-Coffee-closeup-cropped the new law was “arbitrary and capricious.”  Justice Tingling declared that New York City is “enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulation.” Continue reading “Judge Throws Out Ban on Sugary Drinks!”

My Baby is 15 Today!


Well, my little baby boy, Adam, has a Birthday today.  He is officially 15 years old! (Gulp).  I have no idea where the time went…but it definitely just flew on by.  Although I feel somewhat sentimental about it, there is also a big part of me that truly is not sure if I should laugh (and clap ecstatically) or cry.  For those of you who have teenagers, I am sure you know where I am coming from.  🙂

In honor of Adam’s Birthday, I would like to tell everyone in the web-universe a few things that a proud mom would love to brag about!  First, Adam is a very talented athlete.  He has played on select soccer teams for many years, and now plays high school football as a running back.  He also enjoys track and field and last year competed in his state track competition.

On top of being a talented athlete, he is also a honor student, typically making straight A’s nearly every year.  He is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has lots of friends, and is simply a nice polite young man.

Adam would definitely be so embarrassed if he knew I was writing this on my blog.  However, I thought about it and then figured “hey…that’s what moms are for.”

So, a very big Happy Birthday to my favorite young man, Adam.  I love you and I am so proud of you!

Spring Forward!

The only way I can ever remember which direction the clock is changed for daylight savings time is by that little phrase “Springdaylight savings clock Forward and Fall backward.”  If you haven’t heard or used it before, try it!

Do you ever wonder WHY we have daylight savings time?  Continue reading “Spring Forward!”

Are Your Thoughts Bossing You Around?

4277978437_cbccd5bfcbWith all the mumbo jumbo stuffed in our daily lives, it is not surprising how difficult it can be to quiet your mind from the daily information and stress overflow.  I know I am a “thinker,” and would even go so far as to admit I tend to dwell on stuff that should really just be dumped from the memory bank.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  Here are some tips I have found that work for me. Continue reading “Are Your Thoughts Bossing You Around?”

11 Motivating and Inspirational Quotes

Losing focus happens to all of us from time to time.  So, when that little negative dude is on should whispering ‘bitter nothings’ in your ear, flick him off and replace those thoughts with something positive.  Continue reading “11 Motivating and Inspirational Quotes”

Do you Itch for a Niche?

Last night I had a salad bar of thoughts on several articles I wanted to write about.   I thank God for cultivating some ideas in that imagesCAMH0ZSZnoggin of mine.  Then I started to really think about my ideas.  As someone who is still trying to not only learn how to put my site together technically and develop content, I have to at least think about where I am going with my site, and remember where I have been.  I think I can, I think I can!

First off, I want to tell you all that in a mere 2 1/2 weeks I have Continue reading “Do you Itch for a Niche?”

Excuses Excuses!

Okay, Okay. I’ve been slacking a little. Just a little. Well, maybe more than a little. I have a gazillion excuses though! Like my sister was visiting from out-of-town, so we had lots of together time and catching up to do. One night we went on a ghost tour. I wish I could explain why I would wear 3 1/2″ heeled boots on a 90 minute walking tour. Besides the fact that they are just so cute, and when I wear them, I feel cute. Did I mention that Continue reading “Excuses Excuses!”

Categories, Posts and Pages -OH MY!

While on this yellow brick road, I have had to stop numerous times and ask for directions. Thank you Google for directing me to many other blogs, and the numerous tutorials I have watched. I wish I could say I know it all by now, but that kind of thinking is a laughable ploy meant to boost my own self esteem. A couple of nights ago I must have spent 200 hours on the computer. Yes 200. (well, at least it felt like it) simply trying to answer one question. “How to post on each page. First let me explain that Continue reading “Categories, Posts and Pages -OH MY!”

My Blog is a Fog

school girl
So, today is the BIG day! I am writing my first entry into my newfound blog. It reminds of being in 3rd grade, in Mrs. Newmanns class. I’m the new kid. You know, the one who is sitting in the back in a homemade dress and ponytail. The one everyone is starring at. The one that nobody is talking to. In a bit of fluster, I am wondering about that peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in my lunchbag, even though I am not hungry..and really do not like peanut butter. My teacher mentions something about pulling out history books, and opening them to page 193, or was it 83? My mind is in its own world as I start to hear Charlie Brown’s teacher, Mrs Donovan say…”whawahha wahhh wah wahhh whaah.” Good Lord.